I See Fire

I see fire

Ed Sheeran said 

But I see water

Clouding my eyes

~ Patricia Hului 


Enjoy Life

Someone asked me before

What do I do to enjoy life

Then I thought

Do I need to ‘do’ to enjoy life?

Do I need put an effort to enjoy life?

Do I actually need to wake up and think what to do to enjoy life?

While I lie down in my bed

I enjoy life

While I sit on the king’s throne

I enjoy life

While I receive parking ticket

I enjoy life

While I blinded by the sun

I enjoy life

While deafen by the traffic 

I enjoy life 

While I burnt by the hot kettle 

I enjoy life

While I read a book 

I enjoy life

While I listen to Sofia Karlberg

I enjoy life

While I envy of Lang Leav

I enjoy life

I don’t do something to enjoy life

I just live

To enjoy life

Let Me Walk My Own Way

DSC_0144Let me walk my own way

Let me stumble

Let me fall

Just let me walk my own way

Let me scratch my knee

Let me fall on my face

Let me stable myself on my palms when I fall

Let me walk on my way

Let me get lost

Let me circle the place

Be it dozen times

Be it hundred times

Be it thousand times

Let me walk my own way


Eventually I will stop circling

Eventually I will walk ahead

Eventually I just pick myself up

Eventually the scratch will disappear

Eventually the wound will heal

Eventually I will find my way

If you just let me walk my own way

Copyright belongs to Patricia Hului.

Oct 16, 2014. 

My Heart Sank Every Time We Never Said Goodbye

There are two things I disagree with Sir Elton John; first is same-sex marriage, second is when he said sorry is the hardest word. I bet he never had to say goodbye.

My heart sank every single freaking time when we say goodbye. It’s funny because we talked for hours on the phone every night when we are apart.

It sank when he looked at me and said, “I love you”.

It sank when he kissed my cheek after he said, “I love you”.

It sank when he did not say goodbye, but ‘I’ll see you again”.

It sank when it felt like we don’t  need to say goodbye as if,

as if,

as if,

We will grow old together,

as if,

as if,

Death will never separate us.

My heart sank every time when we never said goodbye.