Professionalism, a rare trait

Mention professionalism; it is almost sounds like a rare species nowadays.

It is so hard to maintain professionalism in the media world especially because most people think they could wrap you around their fingers.

I could not blame them for thinking like that. We do have this swarm of journalists who do not possess any principles in their bones.

Integrity? Professionalism? Ethics? What are those to these people?

With a wave of cash nowadays, your face could be the center of a front page news.

Although that is what we called advertisement, many still confused it with journalism.

Is journalism so easily being bought these days? So journalists please uphold your professionalism.



Affirmation as Motivator

After working day in and out, it is good to be affirmed of your writings.

More than a month ago, I met a German lady who stayed in Kuching and selling organic soaps.

I thought it was a good story so I wrote a feature on her.

Here is the link to the article.

Then she sent me an email thanking for the job well done.

I really appreciate it.

As a journalist, most readers are ready to shoot you down for any mistakes rather than build you up.


In a different angle

Every time I sit down to write something especially in my current line of work, the first question I ask myself “What is my angle?”

In fact, I asked that question on my way to every event I was assigned to.

Being an online journalist at a youth-based website gives me the freedom to be creative in determining my angle. In the same time, it is terrifying.

Terrifying in the sense that the angle would not be the right angle to draw readers’ attentions.

A week ago, I accompanied Danielle to her interview, her assignment was to write a personality piece on Scottish photographer Gerry Fox who is currently based in Kuching.

His photos were in completely a different angle from any photographers in Kuching I have seen so far.

They were all blunt, unadorned. But they stop you at your track, pull a trigger on your forehead and shoot you a question; do you know all of these are in your backyard?

I want my articles to be like that. Something that stop your brain from churning and squeeze a question or two to make you rethink your view.

Read more about Gerry Fox’s interview with The Borneo Post SEEDS here.

Story Behind “The Last Goodbye”

One of my two articles written for Malaysia Day is called “The Last Goodbye“. I enjoyed writing this particular article because my research brought me to the nearest public library, the Kuching South City Council library. Have I told you how much I love the library?

The last goodbye is about the final message of the last British governor of Sarawak before he departed for good.

It was intriguing to be able to read how journalist wrote a news piece back in 1963. Are Malaysians’ standards of English slowly deteriorating since we were no longer a colonial state?

Personally, I’m proud to be able to speak in fluent Malay. But I’m also proud that I can speak in English, Kayan and Mandarin Chinese.

Anyway, my research on Malaysia day led me to this news.

10653397_10152703114828984_7301800366465139045_nAnd yes, back in 1963 a missing fridge was newsworthy in Malaysia.

Story behind “Crash Course on World Cup”

Story behind “Crash Course on World Cup”

Writing Something You Don’t Know About

In the line of media and press, sometimes you were thrown into situations which required you to write something you have no idea about.


Since the FIFA World Cup season is here, I told my editor that I wanted to write something about it. 


After going back and forth with few angles on what to write about it, I ended up with this article, “Crash Course on World Cup History”. 


Why history?


I like history. Not my best subject in school but I remember it to be one of my effortless subjects. My brain happened to be able process history facts regardless my laziness not to study it. I guess it’s because I take every history event like reading a good novel. So if I can remember a good written fictional story why not an event that happened for real.


I drafted few articles, thanks to my ability not to write as fast as my brain could think, I only ended up with one. 


Note to self:

1) Plan my articles ahead.

2) Geez, Pat for the last time, don’t procrastinate.  


And yeah, I called my daddy yesterday to wish him happy Father’s Day. He told me that he read this article and asked where did I get all the facts.


Research, research, and research.

Online research that is.


I realized every time I online research, I thought myself like Lisbeth Salander from Girl with Dragon Tattoo without the illegal hacking thing.