I See Fire

I see fire

Ed Sheeran said 

But I see water

Clouding my eyes

~ Patricia Hului 


Enjoy Life

Someone asked me before

What do I do to enjoy life

Then I thought

Do I need to ‘do’ to enjoy life?

Do I need put an effort to enjoy life?

Do I actually need to wake up and think what to do to enjoy life?

While I lie down in my bed

I enjoy life

While I sit on the king’s throne

I enjoy life

While I receive parking ticket

I enjoy life

While I blinded by the sun

I enjoy life

While deafen by the traffic 

I enjoy life 

While I burnt by the hot kettle 

I enjoy life

While I read a book 

I enjoy life

While I listen to Sofia Karlberg

I enjoy life

While I envy of Lang Leav

I enjoy life

I don’t do something to enjoy life

I just live

To enjoy life

I Don’t Feel Like I’m Working

You know what my problem is? My problem is I do not feel like I’m working.

A famous quote from Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

I’m a living example of this quote because I seriously do not feel like working at all.

I love my job. Not to the extend that I’m married to my job. I do have life outside my job.

The thing is, I strongly believe our lives are too precious to stuck in a bad job. I don’t see the purpose of working your ass off for one year just to take that one week to enjoy your life.

Life is of course meant to be more than that.

I recently had a conversation with my boss.

Knowing that I never really travel outside Malaysia before, he advised me that I should go out the country more often.

“Save for a year and travel. Do it alternately”, he said.

I thought his advise was reasonable. I had plans before, to travel within this year. Perhaps to Thailand or Philippines because it is affordable to my budget.

But I thought to myself, if I were to travel might as well make it far right?

So I’m going to head out there. Most probably in 2017. And Nepal is on top of the list.

For now, I think I need to find a job. Not my current job of course. This is not consider as ‘working’ for me. Maybe a business at the sideline.

I need that job to pay for my extravagant, faraway travelling.

And I also I need that job because now, I don’t feel like I’m working at all.