In a different angle

Every time I sit down to write something especially in my current line of work, the first question I ask myself “What is my angle?”

In fact, I asked that question on my way to every event I was assigned to.

Being an online journalist at a youth-based website gives me the freedom to be creative in determining my angle. In the same time, it is terrifying.

Terrifying in the sense that the angle would not be the right angle to draw readers’ attentions.

A week ago, I accompanied Danielle to her interview, her assignment was to write a personality piece on Scottish photographer Gerry Fox who is currently based in Kuching.

His photos were in completely a different angle from any photographers in Kuching I have seen so far.

They were all blunt, unadorned. But they stop you at your track, pull a trigger on your forehead and shoot you a question; do you know all of these are in your backyard?

I want my articles to be like that. Something that stop your brain from churning and squeeze a question or two to make you rethink your view.

Read more about Gerry Fox’s interview with The Borneo Post SEEDS here.


The Guy Who Died of Syphilis

My colleague, Danielle* and I were at the Literature section of bookstore this afternoon. We browsed through the books available there. The books are selected stories of famous writers without the titles, just the authors’ names. And we had one of the most interesting conversation.

“I know this one! Sherlock Holmes!” she exclaimed as Danielle pointed to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s.

Gesturing toward Leo Tolstoy’s book she said, “He sounds familiar”.

“Anna Karenina?”

“Owh Yeah!”

“How about this one?” I asked. I was referring to Guy de Maupassant.

“That’s the guy who died because of syphilis!”


*Danielle is my fellow writer at The Borneo Post SEEDS. Her degree background is in Medical Lab Technology. That was what happened when you combined those two interests.

*We only learnt a tip of the iceberg when comes to literature here in Malaysia. For instance, the only Shakespeare’s we learnt was Life Brief Candle. The rest? They are purely out of our own passions.