Book and Coffee or Tea


Few years ago, when I was still in my undergraduate years, whenever I read in my hostel room I imagine myself reading in a café with a cup of tea in an arm reached.

My bunk bed was my retreat. I usually did not have any drinks with me

With a budget of a student, although I did not have a study loan I was fully relying on my parents. It broke my heart every time I had to ask for extra money from them before pay day.

So I couldn’t ask for extra money just for me to indulge my fantasy of reading in a café with latte, couldn’t I?

There is something about reading and sipping coffee or tea to be considered as a pleasure.

If it is in the morning, coffee would be good to me.

If it is in the evening, tea would be perfect.

So here I am here in a café called The Coffs, located just at the corner of Lane Building. When I walked past this shop few days ago I knew I must try this place out.

I knew I had to come back here again with a book and order a cup of coffee or tea.

Since it is five in the evening, I ordered tea.

Earl Grey, that is.

My book? Kitty and Virgil by Paul Bailey. A random book I bought from Smart. Yes, there is a bookstore in Malaysia called Smart.

Perhaps only smart people go there.

Perhaps smart people came up with the store.

As much as I enjoy my me time with a book and coffee or tea. My elder sister is with me. She is having caramel latte.

No coffee art. The caramel was drizzled messily on the coffee form. “It’s cold,” she said. Commenting on the latte she’s having.

There is nothing in my mind actually, except my boyfriend; my government servant boyfriend who is now in the middle of nowhere on a Penan longhouse.

“I am serving the rakyat,” he said.

Did he safely arrive? I pray he did.


Here I am, in this café I randomly chose; I like it except the people in the next table. I hope they will be little bit quieter.

Suddenly I miss that bunk bed of mine. At least that bunk bed is silent.

I hope the next time I choose a café; it would be just me, a book and coffee or tea.





When in love, action really speaks louder than words

In Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover, Will’s grandma told him this,

“A guy can tell he’s in love with her until he’s blue in the face. Words don’t mean anything to woman when her head’s full of doubt. You have to show her”.

Hoover holds nothing back when giving a love advice through her books. I absolutely agree with this quote.

My boyfriend of a year always pissed when I show a slight doubt in our relationship. Every time I narrow my brows, look at him warily he would immediately say “I love you bahhh”.

I know he loves me. I can tell to his core that he is super in love with me. But secretly I love that he keeps on assuring me how much he loves me.

Anyway, Point of Retreat?

Was almost perfect for me.

Although I secretly wish Lake die in the end.

What? I have a thing for tragic love.

Scarlet by Brooke Fraser

I came across this song by accident. Yet I love every word sung through it.


Middle of nowhere
Finally you can breathe
Nobody knows your name
It’s easierShut your eyes tightly
Clench your fists ’til they almost bleed
Cautiously, lightly
Gently expose what’s underneath

And all you feel now
Is the scarlet in the day
Even if it’s real
You can’t stay…

So there you go
You’re gone for good
There you go
You’re gone for good

Your mind is swollen
From months of thought without release
They’ve taken their toll on you
And this very moment
Of timid and fragile honesty
Is precious and rare and fleeting

And all you feel now
Is the scarlet in the day
And even if it’s real
You can’t stay…

Let Me Walk My Own Way

DSC_0144Let me walk my own way

Let me stumble

Let me fall

Just let me walk my own way

Let me scratch my knee

Let me fall on my face

Let me stable myself on my palms when I fall

Let me walk on my way

Let me get lost

Let me circle the place

Be it dozen times

Be it hundred times

Be it thousand times

Let me walk my own way


Eventually I will stop circling

Eventually I will walk ahead

Eventually I just pick myself up

Eventually the scratch will disappear

Eventually the wound will heal

Eventually I will find my way

If you just let me walk my own way

Copyright belongs to Patricia Hului.

Oct 16, 2014.