Quit Your Job, Or Quit Whining

When some people found out what I did for my degree and what I am currently working as, people often asked why I didn’t find a job in Marine Science.


Let me quote the wise word of Stephen King in his afterword of Full Dark, No Stars.


“I have little patience with writers who don’t take the job seriously, and none at all with those who see the art of story-fiction as essentially worn out”.


Just like how King had no patience with writers who don’t take the job seriously, that is how I had no patience with anybody who is working as any job out there who doesn’t take his or hers job seriously.


Knowing myself who had half of the passion for marine science compared to most of my former coursemates, I think it wouldn’t be fair to compete for any job opportunity in that field with them.


I remember a quote saying that if you’re working a job that you hate, you taking someone else’s dream job.


It is really unfair to keep on complaining on your work without any sense of gratefulness while others are longing to be in your shoes, to have your pay check, to do your work day by day.


Quit your job or quit whining; simple as that.