Where am I heading?

For some, writing is just a mere way to get the job done. For some, writing is just a mere way to get recognized. For some, writing is just a mere way to simply write. 


I just came back from Rainforest World Music Festival happened at Sarawak Culture Village. There I was at the event, rubbing shoulders with travel writers, music writers and reporters from all over the world. 


For most of the times, I did not pack up my courage to say ‘hi’ or networking. Perhaps some of these veteran writers only thought of I’m a just an Asian kid whose first language was not English, why bother to write in English anyway right?


The vibes being in the midst of fellow writers from different continents only left me inspired and awed, made me think “I really need to work hard on this”. 


One of the mornings, before the concerts and workshops began, I was doing my job in the media center, surrounded by three American writers. I assumed they were Americans. Having to work in this line of work, I’ve interviewed so many people of different nationalities that now I could differentiate an American and a Canadian, a New Zealand accent and an Australian accent. Recently I even interviewed a Welsh, maybe I should take up linguistic and study the accents of the world. 


So back to the story of the three Americans; they talked a lot. About Republicans and Democrats, one of them even mentioned that he was going to publish a travel book. 


It got me thinking; where am I heading with my writing? I don’t want to be one of those people who write just for the sake of writing. To write for the sake of datelines. 


Can I write a novel? I could barely finish my short stories that I started. Can I write a book about my culture? Kicking Heidi Munan of her own game in writing books about Sarawak? Who better to write a book about Sarawak than someone who has Sarawakian blood running through her veins right? Someone who speaks at least three of the native Sarawak dialects.


Can I write about Jesus? My faith as a Catholic?  


I have no idea.


All I know, I’m going to continue to write as if it’s the last thing I would do before I die. 



2 thoughts on “Where am I heading?

  1. Write about what you are most passionate about. You know that you are passionate about writing, but which topic are you most curious about? Choose that one.

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