Story behind “Crash Course on World Cup”

Story behind “Crash Course on World Cup”

Writing Something You Don’t Know About

In the line of media and press, sometimes you were thrown into situations which required you to write something you have no idea about.


Since the FIFA World Cup season is here, I told my editor that I wanted to write something about it. 


After going back and forth with few angles on what to write about it, I ended up with this article, “Crash Course on World Cup History”. 


Why history?


I like history. Not my best subject in school but I remember it to be one of my effortless subjects. My brain happened to be able process history facts regardless my laziness not to study it. I guess it’s because I take every history event like reading a good novel. So if I can remember a good written fictional story why not an event that happened for real.


I drafted few articles, thanks to my ability not to write as fast as my brain could think, I only ended up with one. 


Note to self:

1) Plan my articles ahead.

2) Geez, Pat for the last time, don’t procrastinate.  


And yeah, I called my daddy yesterday to wish him happy Father’s Day. He told me that he read this article and asked where did I get all the facts.


Research, research, and research.

Online research that is.


I realized every time I online research, I thought myself like Lisbeth Salander from Girl with Dragon Tattoo without the illegal hacking thing. 




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