I am still doubting

Doubts and confusion.

I do have doubts and confusion in this.

In him. 

Despite the warm hugs, the soft kisses

The way he caresses my hair every time he hugs me

The way he looks into my eyes right before he kisses me

Even though his every action screams that he loves me more than his voice does.

I am still doubting. 


Work versus Passion

I am passionate about my job. There is no doubt about it. Even when the times I feel like I don’t write up to my standards, my own expectations. To have this job was beyond my wildest dream. Yet most of the times, procrastination and laziness always get the best of me.

I read a lot. When I read an interesting article, it made me wonder, Why couldn’t I like that? And sometimes when I read my own article after it was published it made me think again, I could have written better than that.


Some people tend to separate their works and passions. Work is work. Passion is passion. I have been told many times before not many could afford my current luxury; my work is my passion.


The first reason why I decided to become a writer; I thought I have this talent. Wait, I do have this talent. So I just intend to use it. 



Sometimes I do feel like I’m in a dream. 



“No amount of self-inflicted misery, altered states, black pullovers or being publicly obnoxious will ever add up to your being a writer.”

So freaking true. I do feel like I’m publicly obnoxious in my writing.



I love this quote. 

“Put yourself on a deadline so that every week you finish one piece. It’s only by going through a volume work that you will close gap, AND YOUR WORK WILL BE AS GOOD AS YOUR AMBITIONS. 

It’s gonna take a while. It’s normal to take awhile. YOU JUST GOTTA FIGHT YOUR WAY THROUGH.”

I just need to remind myself that I just gotta fight my way through.



I learnt so much for the past 5 months since I work in this line, from politics to environment, I met more people; interesting and inspiring people.”


I finally realized that writing is the only I should be doing.


Time to put aside my procrastination and work on my four pending article. Wish me luck.  

Get Married First, Then Focus On Your Career

Thought Catalog

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Women who want to have kids should make it a high priority in their early twenties to find a partner. A Newsweek cover story, Marriage by the Numbers, says is okay to wait until after 35 to get married. Newsweek is revising the saying that a woman has more chance of getting hit by a truck than getting married after age 35.

But the article ignores one of the most pressing issues facing Generation X: Infertility. No generation of women has had more trouble with fertility than this generation who received the terrible advice, “Wait. You have time. Focus on your career first.”

In fact, you have your whole life to get a career. This is not true about having a baby.

Even if you are past your early twenties, or not heterosexual, if you’re single and want to have kids with a partner, you need to find…

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