Being a Writer

Yes, I’m finally being hired as a writer. A writer, not a reporter, not a journalist but a humble writer.

The job is seemingly unsuitable for me because

a) I don’t have any formal education of journalism or hold a major in English

b) English is not my first language

c) I feel very inferior for being paid as a writer.

So what my job requires me to do:

1) Go for event, function, write a news out of it

2) Come up with a feature story and write about it

3) Anything in between.

Writing now came serve as a different purpose in me. Back then, I mean just few weeks ago it serves as an escape, a way I create my own world that far from my current reality, a source of comfort.

Now, I write for a living, I write because that was I supposed to do, that was I hired to, so I write, even when I don’t feel like writing.

I love my job, yes one month into it, I still love it. Mainly because I still love writing no matter what form of writing. I guess I just don’t have ┬áthe similar satisfaction after I finish a worth-reading blog entry when I finish an article for my job.

These three blogs, PrettyBeadyLacey, Faithfully Writing and this blog still offer me more satisfactions than my day job. (Although I admit I do sound so bimboish sometimes in my so-called DIY Fashion Blog).

I always wanted to finish a short story. I finished one, years ago, almost being published but I don’t know where it went.

Pray, I’ll finish one. This year.